This June birthstone is a member of the Chrysoberyl family. It is quite unique as it has the ability to change its color from green to shades of red when exposed to incandescent light. This stone was first discovered in the Russian Ural Mountains in the 1830’s. The Alexandrite was then named after the future Czar Alexander II because it was found on his birthday. The colors red and green were related to Russia’s national flag and therefore it increased on demand for these gems, which eventually led to reducing the supply found there.

AlexandriteBiblical Times:
Birthstones go as far back as the bible when Aaron wore a breastplate with twelve gemstones. Historians believed that these stones were somehow related to the twelve tribes of Israel. St Jerome and Joseph in the first and fifth century began to link all the stones with signs of the Zodiac. It was believed then as it is now that these stones offer its wearer special power when worn during the related astrological sign. As a result the people collected all twelve stones and wore them all year either as a talisman or to benefit their health.

The more Modern way:
The idea of wearing only one gemstone, the one that corresponds with the month you were born in arose in Poland in the eighteenth century. However, the stones used back then are not the same as the stones we use today as they are more transparent. The ancient birthstones are still being used and can be a modern alternative when you use it as part of your jewelry. The gem of June was originally a pearl but was replaced with Alexandrite. Sad to say this rock is not linked to any ancient legends or meanings, but is associated with heightened intuition and may stimulate love and pleasure.

Gamblers liked this stone more because they believed that if the color of the rock changed it will open the gates of changeability of their fortunes. It is a very powerful stone which will react to change based on its owner’s health. This can be seen in the shifting color. Mystics have shown that the Alexandrite brings harmony and peace between physical, mental and astral bodies of a person, in other words it keeps the balance intact.

alexandrite jewelryBenefits and Healing Powers:

– Improve blood circulation.

– Purifies blood.

– Strengthen blood vessels.

– Positively influences spleen and pancreas.

– It keeps you calm and peaceful.

– Boosts creative side.

– Fosters your imagination.

More shapes:

– The Natural African Alexandrite enhances joy and adaptability.

Alexandrite Crystal helps to recall past lives.

– Natural Russian offers great energy and enhances joy.

alexandrite mineralConclusion:
There is a reason why you are drawn to a certain stone as each holds a different power which will make you feel good. Back in the day the only people who were allowed to wear these minerals, stones and crystals were the people of power. Even if you get hold of a laboratory grown gemstone don’t think it isn’t real or it is a form of pressed glass, as the powers lie in the property of colors change.