The amethyst is a birthstone known to protect the wearer against drunkenness. Originally it comes from the Greek word amethystus, which means not intoxicated. This February gemstone varies in different shades of purple and violet. In fact, Moses found it to be a very influential and pretty stone, hence describing it as a symbol of the spirit of God. In addition, Catherine the great believed in these stones so much that she was willing to send thousands of miners into the Urals to search for it.

AmethystThe Legend Continues
Since the amethyst is known to put its wearer in a stable state of mind; it also symbolizes piety and trust. This is why it quickly found its way to the Catholic Church, presented in different ornaments. A study done by Pliny showed that when wearing this stone around your neck on a cord completely made from dog hair will protect you from snakebite. Later on Hieronymus stated that eagles are putting these stones in their nests to protect their young against danger. According to Hildegard von Bingen the amethyst stone was used to fight spider bites and enhances beautiful skin. Only within the last few years scientists have made the connection regarding the cause of color, which is the result of iron constituents combined with natural radioactive radiation.

The Benefits

– Well-known to protect crops against tempests and locusts.

– It will bring you luck during war.

– Known to be used in the effort to drive out evil spirits.

– Inspire the intellectual mind.

– Fights withdrawal symptoms of any addiction.

One should keep in mind that this method of healing is considered a type of spiritual support, meaning it is perfect for meditation and lucid dreaming as it opens up the planes between different worlds. Basically it is an all in one stone which can help you spiritually and physically with all kind of powers.

amethyst jewelryDifferent Shapes and Symbols

– The green amethyst gemstone symbolizes great fortune and fate.

– The purple stalactite Crystal Slice will make a great ornament or can be used as a meditation tool.

– The Faceted birthstone was used by Egyptians to protect them against guilt and fear which means it’s perfect to control emotions.

– The Crystal Clutter is probably one of the most powerful stones as it gets rid of all the negative energy in your home.

– The Egg has been used to protect against witchcraft, it opens a spiritual and psychic center.

– The Wand is used to keep you calm and collected.

– The Sphere can be used as a protection and healing stone against self-deception.

Some Interesting Facts
For the followers of the Zodiac, the stone is connected to the Pisces and many believe it’s filled with mystical elements. If presented as a gift to a married couple, then make sure to give it on their 4th, 6th and 17th anniversaries. This will bless and strengthen their union.

amethyst mineralConclusion
Even though it mainly offers protection from mystical and material threats alike, there is much more to this stone. If you suffer from anxiety issues then use it to take control of your emotions.