An aquamarine gemstone is loved all over the world by women, seeing as it suites almost any skin tone and eye color. According to the legend these stones originated in the treasure chests of mermaids. Sailors have used it for many years as a talisman to keep them safe. It is believed that its full strength develops better in water and according to the Stone Age traditions this particular birthstone will lead you to live a happy life along with the promise of a long and loving marriage.

Light shades of blue awaken different emotions and feelings based on mutuality such as trust, friendship, harmony and sympathy. The name comes from the Latin word Aqua, which means “water” and mare which means “sea”. This gemstone is almost as popular as the ruby or the emerald. In fact the emerald and the aquamarine both belonged to the Beryl family. However, the color is more even than an emerald’s. Its hardness on a mohs scale runs between 7.5 and 8. The substance responsible for the color of this stone is iron which enables it to differ from a pale type of blue to a little darker sea blue.

In order to identify the African gemstones from the Brazilian one’s they call them “Santa Maria Africana” and “Espirito Santo”, the name of a blue color not as intense. Another interesting fact is that one of these aquamarine colors was named after the Brazilian beauty queen Marta Rocha in 1954.

The Five Types of March Stones:

Aquamarine is the primary birthstone of March after it has taken the place of the bloodstone in 1952.

– Bloodstone was considered the birthstone in the ancient Polish, Hindu, Arabic, Hebrew and Polish calendars.

– Jasper is considered to be the birthstone of March according to the Russian, Hebrew and Italian calendar.

– Jade is the gemstone according to Tibetans.

– Gold Siva Linga is the birthstone for March according to the Hindu calendar.

The use of this stone goes as far back as 500 B.C when people used it for decorative as well as medical purposes. Aquamarine crystals have been found to weigh multiple tons. The first quality gemstone was only found in 1910 in Minas Brazil and weighed 243 pounds, was 18 inches in length and had a width of 15.5 inches.

Aquamarine jewelryThe Healing Qualities of the March Stone:

– It regulates hormones and growth.

– Beneficial for teeth and gum problems.

– It can also protect you against an outbreak of herpes or other skin deceases.

– Can relieve tired eyes or sight problems if placed directly on the eyes for 20 minutes.

Interesting Facts
It is said that if your birthday falls between 21 and 25 March, then you should a turquoise colored stone, because it is directly connected with your guardian angel called Vehuiah. For those who celebrate their birthdays between 28 July and 1 August, then light blue is recommended to connect with the guardian angel Haaiah. Last but not least, dreaming of the aquamarine indicates that a new friendship is on its way.

Aquamarine mineralConclusion
The stone’s beauty is only matched by its power to take you on a happier path in life.