Each birth month has a unique stone (or sometimes two or three) associated with it. Read on to find out more about the history of your birthstone and the largest recorded examples of each.

largest garnet ever foundGarnet
Garnet, the January birthstone, is sometimes referred to as the “Warriors’ Stone.” They are most often a deep red to almost black in color but they are one of the few stones that can actually change color. Because of this they can be found in many different shades and colors except for blue. The largest documented garnet was found in Norway and measured 2.3 meters, 10 cubic meters in volume and weighed an impressive 35,000 kilograms. 

Empress of UruguayAmethyst 
The largest Amethyst crystal geode in existence is housed in the Crystal Caves of Atherton and is known as the “Empress of Uruguay.” It measures 3 meters tall and it is gorgeous violet interior can be seen standing tall in the Caves. Unfortunately, a tennis ball sized chunk of the massive geode was once stolen by a tourist, though there is still plenty left to see. If you were born in February, then Amethyst is your birthstone.

largest aquamarine in the worldAquamarine
The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History is home to the largest Aquamarine stone which measures 14 inches high and weighs nearly 5 pounds. This gem was actually was once part of a larger stone that weighed nearly 60 pounds and was found by three Brazilian miner, but was accidentally dropped before being cut in to this artwork known as the Don Pedro Aquamarine. It is the birthstone of March.

biggest birthstone bloodstoneBloodstone
Bloodstone is also associated with the birth month of March. It is known for its distinctive coloring which is dark green with red markings. The largest deposits of the stone can be found in India and it was once referred to as the “martyr’s stone” due to its use in sculptures depicting martyrdom.

Cullinan DiamondDiamond
Diamonds are associated with the birth month of April and the largest is named the Cullinan Diamond. It was found in South Africa and weighed roughly 1.4 pounds. The largest polished gem cut from the original is known as Cullinan I or The Great Star of Africa.

biggest emerald in the worldEmerald
May’s birthstone is emerald and it is of course known for its green color. The largest example of this impressive stone was found in 2001 in Bahia. The 840 pound gem has a bizarre and impressive history where it has changed hands many times and even once showed up on Ebay.com

giant clam largest pearlPearl
Delicate pearl is the birthstone of June and is well known for its use in jewelry and decoration. The largest known example is not of jewelry quality but is, instead, a “clam pearl” found in a giant clam. It weighs an amazing 14 pounds and measures over 9 inches.

141.92 carat alexandriteAlexandrite
Alexandrite is also associated with the month of June and is prized for the way it changes color in the light. The largest cut example holds the Guinness World Record and weighs in at around an ounce, with each side measuring about an inch.

Largest MoonstoneMoonstone
Moonstone is the third stone associated with the month of June and is considered a classic stone in India and the Middle East, however, the largest example was actually found on Mount Kilimanjaro in 1918. It weighs nearly 100 grams and is valued at around $8,500.

largest ruby in the worldRuby
A 150 kilogram uncut ruby that was found in Tanzania by miners is thought to be the largest in the world. It has been owned by an Emirati businessman for twenty years before he was ready to sell it. During his ownership of the Ruby, it resided in Dubai.

largest Peridot  in the worldPeridot 
Peridot is one of two gems associated with August and its mythology states that it can be used to guard against nightmares. It has been mined for over 5,000 years and the largest was found Zagbargad Island and weighs 319 carats. It currently resides in the Smithsonian.

Sardonyx mineral big oneSardonyx
Is a form of onyx known for having a more red coloring than black as is typical of onyx. In fact, most black onyx on the market had been colored in some way because typical pieces have some color variation and are not solid. Sardonyx, along with peridot is associated with August and the largest deposits can be found in Baja.

Blue Giant of the OrientSapphire
This blue gemstone is linked to the birth month of September and has been used for many years in jewelry making because of its gorgeous color. The largest example was found in Sri Lanka and is known as the Blue Giant of the Orient.

largest Opal in the worldOpal
Opal is known for its unique color variations which appear like iridescent rainbows on white. The largest example was found in New South Wales and was randomly stored in a bucket for several years before it was discovered to be an opal worth around a million dollars and weighs in at 11,000 carats.

largest Tourmaline in the worldTourmaline
Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors and is also considered an October birthstone. The largest example is Paraiba and weighs around 192 carats. It is owned by Billionaire Business Enterprises and is blue-green in color.

American Golden TopazTopaz
Topaz is often confused with Citrine, the other November birthstone. Pure topaz is, in fact, colorless but is often colored by impurities. It is most commonly associated with bright yellow or blue, but can come in many other shades. The largest example of golden Topaz, the color associated with November, is called the American Golden Topaz and weighs over 4.5 kilograms and was found in Brazil.

Citrine MalagaCitrine
Citrine, also for November, is a quartz crystal that is typically dark yellow in color but can also have a greenish or brown tint. The Malaga is considered the world’s largest citrine and weighs an incredible 8.8 pounds. It currently resides in Spain in a natural history museum.

largest tanzanite gem foundTanzanite
Tanzanite’s blue-violet color was first discovered in 1962 in Tanzania and is considered to be even rarer than diamond. The largest example was found in 2005 near Mount Kilimanjaro and weighs in at nearly a pound.

Zircon mineral hugeZircon 
Zircon is a mineral that comes in many different color variants and has a luster that is considered “greasy.” The yellow variety is known as hyacinth. One of the largest was yellow and was found in Sri Lanka, weight around 14 carats.

huge Turquoise mineralTurquoise
Turquoise is known for its distinctive opaque, blue-green hue and is most widely used in jewelry. It has been known by other names, but Turquoise specifically comes from the Old French word for Turkish because the first pieces were brought to Europe by the Turkish. The largest weighs in at 191 pounds and was found in Nevada.