Below you can find all birthstones by month, click on your birthstone and read interesting facts related with it, what positive sides they can have and how can you benefit from wearing them.


Tropical Zodiac Birthstones


Tropical zodiac


Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus
Jan 21-21 Feb Feb 22-21 Mar Mar 22-20 Apr Apr 21-21 May
Garnet Amethyst Bloodstone Sapphire


Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
May 22-21 Jun Jun 21-22 July July 23-22 Aug Aug 23-22 Sept
Agate Emerald Onyx Carnelian


Libra Scorpio Sagittarus Capricorn
Sept 23-23 Oct Oct 24-21 Nov Nov 22-21 Dec Dec 22-21 Jan
Chrysolite Beryl Topaz Ruby