The bloodstone‘s main source is India but can also be found in Australia, Brazil, China, Scotland and the United States. The bloodstone is typically a green chalcedony with bits of iron oxide (red). However, yellow bits sometimes replace the red which then changes the name of the mineral to plasma. This stone got its name from the red inclusions which resemble the blood of Christ, which were formed while dripping on the green earth. Greeks believed that this stone is the key that will bring change, as it is the stone that symbolizes justice. For many years it has been used as an amulet which is believed to protect you against evil.

BloodstoneHistory of the Bloodstone
Bloodstone comes from the Greek word “sun turner” or “the sun of stone”. Pliny apparently used a mirror made from this stone to view eclipses. Legend has it that once you use this stone it will embrace your spiritual side to a point where you want to live your life with integrity and honesty. Bloodstones hold mystical powers and as reported many believe that it gives off a sound in order to guide the user. It was also believed that by only looking at the stone it can prevent eye deceases.

The Physical Healing Benefits:

– Boosting the immune system.

– Regulates and stimulates blood flow.

– It helps to treat blood disorders.

– Prevents miscarriages

Everyone has a guardian Angel whether you believe it or not, it all depends on when you were born as shown below:

– From January 1 to 5 means the color of your crystal is green and your Angel’s name is Nemamiah

– From March 31 to April 4 the color of your crystal is dark green and your Angel’s name is Sitael or Sirael

– From June 6 to 10 your crystals color is green and your Angel’s name will be Hakamiah

– From September 3 to 7 your crystal still is green and your Angel is called Yehudiah

Bloodstone jewelry– From September 8 to 12 your crystal would fall under the dark green section and your Angel’s name would be Lehahiah

– From October 19 to 23 your crystal’s color changes completely to red and your Angel’s name will be Mikael

– From December 27 to 31 the color of your crystal will be green and your Angel’s name is Poiel or Polial

The Same Minerals in Different Packages:

– The Wand is commonly used to bring one’s energy into balance, purification, strength, comfort, determination and courage. It also dispels negative energy.

– The Obelisk indicates protection and defense, commonly used to stop bleeds (especially nose bleeds).

– The Pyramid can be used to draw off negative energy and any blockage from the Root Chakra.

– The Egg helps to promote your ability towards spiritual energy.

– The Sphere is great to use for health and protection alongside power.

bloodstone mineralInteresting Facts
The green and brown Jasper were considered to be the most powerful stones called upon secretly to save ships from storms or to save harvests in drought. Warriors didn’t dare walk onto a battlefield without it because they believed it would stop bleeding simply by touching it. Its powers were so strong according to legend it could stop a hemorrhage.