The Citrine hardly requires any special treatment like energetic cleaning, as it does not absorb any bad energy. It has the ability to clear negative energy that influences your aura but it doesn’t absorb it. This crystal is also known as the ‘Success Stone’, the crystal which will bring joy and hope once again. Stones, used as a method or a tool to assist with any form of dream calling or dream work, are what paves the way to spiritual growth. It is also called (nicknamed) the ‘Merchant’s stone’, which manifests abundance and brings you the energy of generosity in order to share the success you have gain.

CitrineKeep in mind that this ”selfless” stone also holds the power of good fortune and luck; however it may appear in unexpected ways. Known to manifest and promote success in all areas, it has been reported to work best when worn or placed in the cash box, purse or wherever you think a little help is needed. Furthermore, it helps with maintaining the benefits, while it enhances will power, confidence and mental clarity.

Citrine, Goddesses and all Beliefs: 

– A crystal that honors the Greek Goddess of harvest: She was believed to bring an end to the unfruitful winter and bring life to the fields with grain. 

– This November birthstone also honors Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of war, as she was considered to be the most powerful of all Goddesses of Lower Egypt and had the body of a woman and the head of a lion. 

– The ”Coyote Stone” is also used to refer to this stone. It is believed to play tricks similar to what the coyote does, and it forces other to learn in spite of themselves, which makes it a perfect stone to use for those resisting treatment.

– The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter.  

The Solar Plexus Stone Benefits:

– The fact that it is called a plexus chakra crystal means it can be used metaphysically to clarify and increase power and energy. 

– It also combats negative energies in the mental arena which will lead to confidence support that will turn into honesty and creativity.

citrine jewelryTheory behind Facts:
Many believe that it is the 9th stone of the High Priest’s Breastplate (zodiac sign the Archer); however, others say it is the 10th stone identified in Genesis. Biblical scholars will never really say what the ”real crystal” was. Part of the confusion started with the translation of the Old Testament between the Roman Catholic and the Latin Vulgate.

Ancient tribes believed that the crystal was good for the following health purposes:

– Digestion

– Stomach 

– Sleep disorders 

– Nightmares

In general health:

– Kidneys 

– Heart 

– Immune system 

– Tissue regeneration 

– Diabetes 

– Sexual problems

– A Citrine crystal can be used to remove toxins form your body, in other words it can help you overcome an addiction.

citrine mineralThe word Citrine comes from the French word ‘Lemon’. The properties of each Citrine crystal will vary according to its color, and therefore doing some homework before buying this rock can be more beneficial in the long run. You need the right tool for the job in order the get it to work to its full potential.