Whoever is wearing diamonds or Bhargava Ratna can consider themselves to be truly blessed. In many cultures it was regarded as a symbol of protection, in addition to representing what they called the ultimate victory as it brings forth courage and strength. According to Vedic Astrology, white Sapphires and diamonds represent the positive powers of the planet Venus. Shukra, or Venus as we know it today, qualifies as a Guru Protector and everything that is related to Venus can be placed into one category called “Abundance”. However, everything you think is nice looking and expensive is ruled by Venus. A diamond is considered to serve as a protector against the evil eye, spirits and spells, it is also known as April Birthstone.

DiamondsThe Power
A diamond isn’t just known for its varying hardness and all types of colors. It is also a great tool for remote viewing, psychic development, telepathic communication and clairvoyance. Although this gemstone is generally known to be a winter gem due to its icy color, it is still the crystal of light as it generates a high frequency of energy into prisms of fire that symbolizes the sun. This mineral is a spiritual stone which symbolizes a form of perfection and illumination. It increases your inner vision and stimulates your creative side as well as your imagination. For many years it was referred to as the master healer because it has the ability to keep the balance between body and soul.
A Mineral that Helps:

– Your brain functions while it purifies and strengthens.

– Nerves and sensory organs.

– Fights aging.

– Restores energy levels.

– Constipation.

– Urine retention.

– Removing toxins from all organs.

When taking part in a healing session then keep it short. 5 minutes are all you need. This rock is known to infuse all levels of the energetic self using light. For centuries it has been utilized to burn through or underlines emotional problems, leaving a person to feel more joyful and intact with your soul.

diamond jewelleryWhen is the best Time to Wear them:
It is believed that one should wear a gemstone during the most potent time frame, in other words, on a Friday under the stellar constellation.

What not to Wear and when:
According to a study it is important to remember not to wear a diamond as well as a Red Coral, a moonstone or a ruby together as this can result in various personal and health problems. Even more importantly, do not wear any diamond with red inclusions as this can provoke dangerous situations.

The Symbolic Meaning:
Proof of your abilities will come from an unexpected source. Dreaming of it indicates a ”beautiful” victory over your enemies.

diamond mineralConclusion
This beautiful and expensive mineral should mainly be worn by those with Virgo, Aries and Libra astrological signs, because for them it materializes a life of prosperity. Scorpio and Pisces are recommended to avoid it altogether. The rest of the astrological signs can wear it, but only at certain times. For those who were born to wear diamonds, get ready for a life filled with happiness and joy if you make use of its magnificent power.