Emerald means green stone in Greek which came from the word Smaragdos. It is also a symbol of rebirth which grants its owner youth and fortune. This stone reflects the color of spring and classifies as the May birthstone. According to the legend demons and griffins protect the tunnels of these mines and Peruvians hold on to this belief just as strongly as the Romans did. The Romans also believed that nothing evil could get past the presence of this gem as it changes color and turns pale. If misfortune was bound to happen the stone would fall from wherever it was placed, indicating that nothing will be able to stop it.

EmeraldSymbolism and Properties:

– Loyalty

– Faithfulness

– Friendship

– Memory

– Faith

– Clairvoyance

The Healing Properties of the Taurus Birthstone and the Effectiveness:

– Eyes.

– Fertility.

– The spine.

– Headaches.

– Known to increase mental capabilities.

– This green stone is considered to be a cleansing tool as it can prevent diseases and infections from surfacing.

Facts Associated with this Rock:

– Most of these minerals have imperfections. That is why a top quality emerald with no flaws can cost more than a diamond.

– The Mogul emerald is one of the largest stones found, weighing in at 217.18 carats and has a height of round about 10 centimeters.

– These stones are linked with magic and mystery.

– They are known to promote a calm and peaceful spirit.

emerald jewelryDifferent Shapes of this Birthstone:

– The palm stone is great to carry around on a day to day basis as it will help your mental capability.

– The tumbled stone will make a perfect gift.

– The rough rock can be placed as an ornament in your home to guide you against evil.

– The slab can be used for healing properties (body).

– Chips 30 piece brings forth wisdom and love.

Religion and History:
It is believed that the Incas possessed many of these emeralds, but only one was as large as an ostrich egg and Esmeralda the chief goddess of Peru inhabited it. People started mining for these stones in Egypt as early as 330 B.C. As fate would have it, the Spaniards raided the temples of Esmeralda and found a substantial amount of emeralds. This wasn’t surprising as the latter were regarded as the daughters of the Inca’s Goddess and when her priests found any it was used for worship. It goes without saying that over the years they accumulated quite a lot and stored them in her temples. In addition, it seems like these stones has a lot to do with healing but also plays a vital role in region.

emerald mineralGreen is not only the holy color of Islam states, but they also belong to the Arab world and symbolize the unity of Islam. The Catholic Church, however, has a different perspective. They believe that a green stone in the shape of a bowl was one of the stones that fell from Satan’s crown. Later on Christ used that bowl at His last supper. Many believed that Joseph and Arimathea used that very same bowl and caught blood of Jesus when it was dripping from the cross.