Birthstones represent the twelve tribes of Israel and legend has it that each stone has some sort of healing power. The word garnet originally comes from the word granatum, which means seed. Egyptians used to wear these stones as inlay jewelry back in the day. The garnet is one of a number of minerals that consist of rainbow colors that varies from deep red to vibrant green. The biggest sources regarding these types of stones are Africa, India and Sri-Lanka.

garnet stonesOrigins of this stone:
From an astrological point of view it’s called the January birthstone since as far back as 3100 B.C. It represents fire, creation, purification and love. Keep in mind that this stone is also known to be one of the oldest talismans in the world and due to its curative power along with its protective energy it was regarded as priceless. It is a sensual stone that grounds spirit forces within the body which enables you to work lovingly on your spiritual and physical plane. This stone was used as a talisman as part of the legendary crusades of the Catholic church, given its warrior properties. The Egyptian Goddess of War is the traditional birthstone of all born in January under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

The healing power of this gemstone and the success that can lead to a better sex life:

– Aids blood and lungs

– Promotes intimacy

– Sensuality

– Romance

– Passion

garnet jewelryDifferent types of stones and what it promises to do for your health:

– An Almandine increases will power to resist any negativity.

– The Andradite garnet is a spiritual stone known as the stone of strength and safety, which allows a higher thinking of self-empowerment.

– Known as the Pyrope, this stone stimulates gentleness and warmth also referred to as ”living fire”.

– A Uvarovite is known to promote wealth and enhances your spiritual life.

– The Spessartine is considered the stone that lends power to a person’s will and it awakes creative energy.

– The lucky Grossular is a stone referred to as a deeply spiritual. It encourages gratitude and service to others.

How a garnet can benefit you:
They naturally extract the negative energy and transform it into a beneficial state. It removes toxins from the body while purifying your organs and blood. The garnet helps to deal with depression and it has a calm influence that protects you emotionally. It gives you the necessary survival instinct and awareness that affects and strengthen your ability to react in certain situations. Amazingly it actually regenerates the body, helping it to heal and control several imbalances ranging from the spine to the sex drive. For those who wonder about their past lives, this stone is ideal to awaken the energy for exploration. In addition to all these aspects, it provides clarity. Thoughts can be deceiving in many ways, especially when it comes to perception of others. It will help you to make sense of situations you would typically struggle with.

garnet mineralConclusion:
There is no doubt that this stone can add to your quality of life in many different ways. Don’t be afraid to utilize it.