Legend has it that moonstones were formed from moonbeams. Hindus used to believe that if you put this stone in your mouth during a full moon, you will be able to see your future. Indians still regards it as a sacred stone which will bring good fortune. Many cultures strongly believe this stone is related to love, because it is quite a high priced gift for lovers. Rumors suggest that it can tenderly arouse passion and that made it worth the while. It is also called the travelers stone which was used for protection by many cultures when they were on the road. In Europe this stone is considered the third birthstone of June.

MoonstoneHistory claims:
The stone was given its name by a Roman natural historian called Pliny. He believed that the moonstone’s appearance will change with the phases of the moon. Most myths or legends about the moonstone focus more on its connection to the moon rather than on the moon goddesses Selene, Nyx and Diana. History claims that they are frozen tears that fell from heaven after the goddess had a lovers quarrel, whereas others believe that it is a piece of the moon itself.

The known Facts of the Stone’s Energy in General:

– Balancing

– Reflective

– Introspective

– Wishing and hoping

– Embracing the cycles of change

– Cures sleeplessness

A Different Stone and Shape for every Ache:

– Blue or cat’s eye promotes clarity and keeps one focused in a meditative state of awareness. It also balances the good and bad energies better known as the yin and yang.

moonstone jewelry– The Gray stone is utilized for observing beyond the mask people so often hide behind.

– The White stone can magnify one’s emotions as well as activate the kundalini in a woman.

– Peach and Yellow stones are used to stimulate emotions and protect the heart.

– Rainbow stones aid in lucid dreaming and calming sleep. It clears senses and mind by easing emotional trauma.

Moonstone Chakra:
The white crystal energy which can be found in all Moonstones is related to the Crown Chakra and the spiritual center. They present a personal identity with the infinite and oneness with God’s wisdom and peace. The Crown Chakra can be found on the top of a head and it is a gateway between the worlds. It controls the way we think and respond, which means it is the source of our spirituality. The Chakra Crown must balance in order to balance our energy. If mind and body is in balance it will make you see the world the way it is and where you fit in. Setbacks make it hard to maintain a balance, even though it is part of life. This stone combats materialism and strengthens faith. Monks and other known contemplatives withdraw themselves from society in order to focus more on their spiritual beliefs. The meaning behind the word Moonstone is:

“Now is the time to speak what is on your heart.”

moonstone mineralWhen you dream about this stone it indicates danger that can be avoided. Ultimately the dream serves as a warning.