The Opal became known in the middle ages as the ‘Opthalmius'(Eye Stone). However, it became so popular around that time, that it became the competition for diamonds. Short after a rumor spread warning people that this gemstone brings bad luck if worn by a person who was not born in the month of October.

OpalTo Believe or not to Believe:
Queen Elizabeth II gave this stone its popularity back as she made it clear that the rumors weren’t true. The Queen herself wore these stones and even passed it on to her daughters. The Romans wore these stones as a symbol of hope and purity.

Tales and Legends:
Ancient Arab tribes believed that Opals fell from the sky and their color was an indication of trapped lightning. They also thought that the wearer of the stone could become invisible. The Australians, however, believed that the stone held half Serpent and half Devil and the color was fire, which will lead them into the Devil’s lair. Maidens from back then wore these stones to protect their hair from getting darker or fading. Indian cultures believed this stone to be the Goddess of the Rainbow who was turned to stone, where Hindu tribes strongly believed it was the tears of Zeus, caused by the event of the goddess turning to stone. Napoleon gave Josephine an Opal with red flashes referred to as the ‘burning of Troy’, making her “his” Helen.

Information Regarding Zeus:
He was the Greek God of the Sky who had an unorthodox childhood. His farther Cronus, at the time of his conception, ate all the children his wife Rhea gave birth to. His father was scared that he would be overthrown by one of his children. In order to keep Zeus from being eaten by his farther Rhea sent him to the earth to be raised by nymphs. opal jewelryHe married Hera, and they had a personal messenger called Iris, the Goddess of the sky and sea (also referred to as a virgin goddess). She was a beautiful woman desired by Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu according to the Hindu legend. The Eternal turned her into a creature of mist. The wind took her away and she then turned into stone that shines with all the colors of the rainbow.

All the Tears of Stone:

– A Fire Opal indicates passion and creativity.

– The Pink Peruvian is best for emotional healing.

– The Ethiopian represents mystic vision and imagination.

– White Opals is believed to purify.

– The Yellow stone assists with clarity and concentration.

– A Blue rock indicates calmness.

opal mineralThis stone’s history can be dated back to Ethiopia as far as 4000 B.C. The great Bard Shakespeare loved these jewels so much he renamed it Queen of gems. In 2008 NASA found traces of Opal on Mars. The fact that this stone is almost completely made of water proves that Mars must have had water for billions of years. This stone can also be used to clean fowl smelling air. Birthstones, gemstones and crystal each hold a different power, which will have a different effect on every person if you believe it or not.