Teardrops of the moon, better known as the pearl, have so much history. It is so popular that five months claim that it is their birthstone and they are February, April, June, July and November. In actual fact it is the stone of Gemini and Cancer and it is also June birthstone. The planet Moon is gentle (saumya) by nature which represents the mind or mother which signifies love, passion, child birth, family, conception, infants, steady mind, beauty, breasts and menses.

Venus is associated with this birthstone as it is the goddess of love that arose from the sea and therefore is considered to be feminine. These gems were commonly worn by knights before they would head off to battle. For them the pearl was a symbol of strength and spirit; a perfect icon that represented courage and protection during the Dark Ages. Eventually these stones evolved into a symbol of wealth.

Fun facts:

– A pearl is considered organic as it is derived from a living oyster or mollusks.

– These gems fall under the category of pure innocence and purity.

– Many believed that pearls were formed by the passage of angels through the clouds of heaven.

– Some even believe that it is a tear of the moon.

– Earlier cultures believed that this gem was born by a single raindrop that fell from heaven, becoming the heart of the oyster.

– Among all 9 planets the moon moves the fastest.

– The moon owns the 2nd house of wealth.

How to Wear a Pearl:
Legend has it that it should be studded in a silver ring and worn on a Monday or on Poornmashi, which is a fort night (every 2nd week) during the day between 10 am and 11 am. This ring should also be washed in milk and placed on the ring finger of your right hand. The weight can be 10 ratti at most.

pearl jewelleryHealing and Dealing:

– Known to reduce anxiety and mood swings.

– It controls anger and depression.

– It helps to boost your mental state which gives you the capacity to enjoy life.

Color and meaning:

– White; indicates purity, faith, peace and dreamer.

– Blue; resembles truth, trust, loyalty, confidence and protection.

– Pink; shows love, romance, power passion and energy.

– Green; means money, wealth, good luck, hope and growth.

– Red; clearly indicates leadership, success, love, passion and respect.

– Yellow; show your feelings such as happiness, joyfulness, cheerful, friendship and creativity.

– Black; shows your independence, balance, protection, mystery and strength.

– Silver; means focused, patient, self-controlled, wisdom and organized.

– Purple; shows pride, noble, mystery, passion, artistic and creative.

– Brown; indicates stability, grounded, comfort, elegance, security, healing and dependable.

– Orange; points on your cheerfulness, happiness, playfulness and brightness.

natural pearlConclusion
This all too well-know Gemini stone comes in 8 different shapes namely; round, drop, pear, semi-round, baroque, oval, circled and button. A perfect round peal is the most valuable shape as it is the hardest to find. According to Marc Polo the kings of Malabar had to wear a necklace 104 rubies and pearls the reason for this was that the king had to say 104 prayers every morning and every afternoon.