This Gemstone has a fascinating history in both culture and nature. The Peridot is one of the oldest gemstones and is connected to ancient Egypt, it also August birthstone. Most Gemstones are formed by the earth’s crust except for the Peridot and the diamond. It was formed much deeper in the earth, commonly known as the earth’s mantle. This specific stone forms from magma within the upper mantle, round about 20-60 miles deep. It is brought to the surface by tectonic or as we know it volcanic activity.

PeridotTruths and Facts about the August mineral
The main source of this stone back then was called Topazos Island. Today people call it Zabargad or St Jon’s Island in the Red Sea (Egyptian). Even though this gem has been mined in Zabargad continuously for the last 3500 years there was a time when the exact location of this Island was lost for several centuries and rediscovered in 1905. The word Paridot is derived from the Arabic word faridat, also referred to as the poor man’s stone

Ancient Believes which Led to Curative Remedies:
Many still believe that Cleopatra’s favorite emerald actually was the Peridot. In Exodus they mention the high priest and his breastplate that was set with stones, one of which was believed to be a Peridot. The stones represented the 12 tribes of Israel. In order to exert the stone’s full potential it had to be set in gold according to the tale. If worn as protection against evil (talisman) it had to be pierced and strung from the hair of a donkey which was then worn on the left side of the arm. Many still think that this mineral found in volcanic ashes is the tears of the volcano Goddess Pele. She was the goddess who lived in the crater of Kulauea and the one who would put a curse on you if you took any rock from that Island.

The Peridot’s Meaning and Benefits:
This emerald is also referred to as the evening stone, because of its light green color. It represents strength and if used as a remedy, it was powdered in order to cure asthma. Keeping the stone under the tongue according to the tale would lessen the thirst of a person suffering from fever. According to the legends the Peridot has the ability to ward off anxiety which then makes men more articulate.

peridot jewelryHealth Properties:

– It treats phobias.

– Attracts romance.

– Calms the nervous system.

– Enhances confidence.

– It helps with psychological clarity.

– Wards of anxiety.

An Alternative Method to wear what you like:

– – – The Faceted teardrop stone has an oval form and a gift from Mother Nature which indicates lightness and beauty.

– – – Chips are used for protection.

Beads are commonly used for healing purposes.

peridot mineralConclusion:
A Peridot should only be used by a spiritual person in order to understand the beauty of this stone. Napoleon made a gift once for Josephine out of this stone which indicated his love and admiration for her. However, if you dream about this gemstone it is believed to indicate danger which is unstoppable unless you make use of the Peridot Chips from the start.