The name Ruby is derived from the Latin word Ruber (red). This gem is also considered to be one of the four most precious stones found yet. Some cultures even believed that if a Ruby was tossed into water it would start to boil. Another myth stated that if the mineral is ground to a powder and placed on the tongue it will cure indigestion. It is also said that the wearer of the crystal is blessed with health, wisdom and wealth.

RubyThe Ruby’s Relevance
Crystals and minerals have played such a big role in the myths and legends of the human history for centuries. It was the only way the people who lived centuries ago could explain their world and how they functioned without science. Ancient tribes used these gems as bullets in their guns. Early cultures loved rubies due to the deep red color which represented the blood within their veins, as it was believed that the stone held the power of life and therefore was used as an antidote for poison.

Historically this stone was mentioned four times in the Bible and compared with wisdom and beauty.

– Proverbs 3:15 she is more precious than rubies.

– Proverbs 31:10 the price of wisdom is beyond rubies.

– Proverbs 20:15 there are plenty of gold and rubies, but only a few people speak with knowledge.

– Exodus 28:17 mentioned that one of the stones on the king’s breastplate was a ruby.

Most of these comparisons indicate the value and the beauty of this stone. In fact, ancient Indians believed that God made rubies before he created the man to poses it. The ancient language of Sanskirt referred to this gem as ratnaraj (King of the precious stone). Hindu cultures believed that if you offered fine rubies to the God Krishna you will be granted rebirth as an emperor.


– Attracts wealth

– Improves health

– Purifies Blood

– Shields against danger

ruby jewelryMeanings and Shapes:

– Record Keeper is used to access specific and secretive knowledge in a meditative state.

– Feldspar Egg is the cosmic form in which all creations emerged. Best tool to heal sexual vitality.

– Beads to ward of bad dreams.

– Sphere protects one against smog radiation.

– Wand is used to heal.

– Pyramid can be used to draw off negative energy.

History and Interesting Facts
Rubies were mined in India over 2500 years ago and therefore most legends came from there. Aside from its spiritual and curative ability to heal and guide it symbolizes passion and love. It is also the birthstone of July and known in the mineral world as corundum, a crystal appearance composed from aluminum oxide. Only the red crystals are considered rubies, while the other colors are classified as Sapphires. Our fascination for beautiful things has led us to fall in love with gemstones, but maybe there’s something more attracting us.

ruby mineralConclusion
There is no doubt that Rubies are beautiful ornaments and people rarely consider how much power they actually contain. When you think about it, the price of a Ruby can never truly justify how much it is actually worth when it comes to quality of life.