Sappeiros is the Greek word for Blue stone, but was known as Lapiz Lazuli at the time, which explains what the rock consists of (mineral variety of corundum and aluminum oxide). This September birthstone also holds the tale of the Ten Commandments, handed to Moses, which was written on it. There is a dispute surrounding the word ‘Sapir’ and its translation from the book of Exodus 28:18. Sapphire refers to the stone of garments and to the Priest of the Issacar folk.

SapphireIn the Middle Ages the Romans, Greek kings and queens believed that the Sapphire would protect its owner from harm and envy. For centuries clergy wore these stones which they believed represented Heaven. The rest of the population believed that it would attract blessings. Other cultures used it to make peace with their enemies, to reveal the secrets of oracles and to guard chastity. Buddhists used it as a tool to inspire prayer as it was considered that the stone brings happiness and peace, but only to those who lived a moral life. It was regarded as the Stone of all Stones because it was most venerated by the people of the East. The ancient Romans believed that the earth was resting on a Blue Sapphire and its color reflected in the sky.

Did you know?

– Sapphires are the earliest gemstone known by man and are found in torrents and riverbeds. These stone are washed up from their matrix and it is still the way we find them today. 

– In the Middle Ages the word Ruby meant ‘Queen of precious stone’

– These stones also amplify healing through the voice.

– The blue addition is effective for channeling healing powers and greatly appreciated by the Reiki healers. 

Sapphires can be used to help you deal with emotional baggage, spiritual issues and health. In other words it helps to keep calm in unpleasant situations. It also brings joy and clarity as it balances the energy of body. The star stone, but in a paler shade, symbolizes wise and honest leadership. sapphire jewelryThe Breastplate of the high Priest had 12 stones set in them and the front of the plate displayed the jewels representing the ‘Spirit of the Law’

Think Pink but start with Blue:

– The pink Sapphire helps you to leave the past behind and it strengthens your heart.

– The Natural stone is uncut and rough yellow with the power of wisdom and prosperity in order to manifest one’s goals and ambitions.

– The Blue mineral has a teardrop cut which represents power, wisdom and good judgment along with kindness.

– The black stone increases confidence and brings wisdom. 

– The green rock encourages compassion for others. 

– The Star rock is a stone that exhibits a star-like asterism and was used to procure favors, protect against witchcraft and brings good fortune. Emperor Charlemagne used the Sapphire as a talisman to keep his affections constant toward his wife.

sapphire mineralDuring the 18th century the gemstone Merveilleux became more popular as a test of feminine virtue. Its popularity came from the belief that the stone had the ability to detect purity, faith and attract divine blessings.