A stone that links all 3 chakras, namely the throat, third eye and heart, opens up a completely new way for you to see the world. It is known to stimulate people with an amazing feeling of absolute love. This stone can be used to speed up spiritual growth, as it will bring your mind into direction with your heart’s chakra. The Tanzanite stone was created under conditions so unique that it will probably never happen again. This crystal is not like any other and can only be found at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and will most likely only be available for one generation as it is a thousand times rarer than any diamond.

TanzaniteMore Uses for this Natural Crystal:

– Use it to contact your spirit guide.

– Clairvoyance.

– To get in contact with for guardian Angel.

The First Cultural Stories Involving the Discovery:

The Maasai people were convinced that the Tanzanite stone was a land set on fire by a bolt of lightning. According to the legend the heat from the so-called ”magic fire in the sky” transformed the crystals of the land into simmering and shiny blue stones. When the last cinders melted and the smoke finally settled the men of the tribe filled their pockets with these stones and believed that it will bring them good luck and a better life.

Later History According to Date:

– The First Discovery made in Tanzania (1967)

It was the Maasai man Ali Juuyawatu who first shared his stone with a man called Manual da Souza, who happened to be in the area. He was in search of Rubies and a prospector by passion. They thought the stone was a sapphire of some sort, but quickly realized that it is more complex. Manual had no idea that he came across a gemstone the world has never seen before.

– Christened by Tiffany & Co (1968)

tanzanite jewelryThe beauty of this stone did not escape the ignorance/savvy marketing of Henry Platt, the great grandson of Louis Comfort, Chairman and President of New York’s Tiffany & Co. Platt named this stone the Tanzanite, referring to where it was first found (Tanzania) and introduced it to the world.

– This stone ranked second favorite in the USA in (2001).

– Called the Birthstone of December in (2002).

– Acts as an elixir to one’s soul.

– Restores Balance.

– Can also be used as a Talisman in order to fight off negativity and to bring luck.

Legend Tells a Tale (Dogma):
The crystal can also be seen as honoring the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom Athena. She is a skilled fighter and strategist known for her intellect and logic. She enjoys blue and purple crystals as it resemblance loyalty, wisdom and fairness. The blue of the crystal reflects the energy of the sky and saw the beginning of life and emotion. The Blue Tanzanite represents love, trust, faith, patience and respect.

tanzanite mineralIt is believed that if you should meditate on a regular basis using the Tanzanite crystals you’ll be able make contact with Angels. Using this rock can potentially awake psychic abilities. It doesn’t really matter what style of stone you choose as long as it falls within your energy field.