The twelve zodiac signs are an alternative version of birthstones related to the twelve months of the calendar. The Topaz is the November birthstone related to those born in November 23 – December 21.

History has it that this birthstone is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning – fire. It is also said to come from the word “Topazos”. Topazos is a small island in the Red Sea where Romans obtained a stone which they named after the island. The mineral mined occurred in rhombic prisms; was generally yellowish and pellucid and sometimes colorless. It also occurred in bluish, greenish or brown shades. Scientifically, this stone is identified as aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide and has a crystalline orthorhombic structure. The strong chemical bonds within this mineral’s structure make it the hardest of silicate minerals.

Where found
Brazil is the world’s largest producer of this November birthstone, with the most outstanding source being the Minas Geranis region. This gem’s deposits are also found in:

· Russia

· Ukraine

· Pakistan

· Scotland

· Japan

· Sri Lanka

· China

· Nigeria

· United States (Colorado and California)

The biggest uncut stone of this kind that was found in Brazil is on display in New York at the American Museum of Natural History. Also, among the crown jewels of Portugal is a renowned cut topaz, a magnificent yellow stone of 12 ounces.

topaz jewelryHistory of the November Birth Stone
Any historical, legendary or mythical information surrounding the magical properties of this November birthstone have been handed down through various generations and different civilizations. It is also the state gemstone of Utah State in the USA. In the middle Ages, this stone was generally used by royal families and the clergy. Legend also has it that it dispels feelings of excessive anger and nocturnal fears. In the 13th century, there existed a belief holding that if this gem was engraved with a falcon, it could aid its wearer enhance the benevolence of magnates, kings and princes.

Traditionally, it was thought to:

· strengthen the mind

· increase wisdom

· Prevent mental disorders

· Guard against sudden death.

In powder form, topaz when added to wine was a preventive measure for both insomnia and asthma. If one wanted to cure weak vision, the stone was immersed in wine for 3 days and nights and then rub the resultant liquid on the eyes.

This rare stone occurs in shades of blue, violet, pink, peach, gold, green, brown, red, yellow and even black. Pure topaz itself is a colorless. Impurities and other defects in its crystal composition are responsible for other color shades of this valuable gemstone. While the Orange shade that features pinkish undertones (Imperial topaz) is the most prized color of this birthstone, the red shade is the rarest and most valued. The orange shade is named after the Russian Czars of the 1800s. It is also the traditional November birthstone.

biggest TopazUses
This gemstone, with its beautiful colors, multifaceted crystals, hardness, high luster, lively fire and utmost clarity, beautiful colors and hardness is perfect for very attractive jewelry such as bracelets, clips, brooches, necklaces and bracelets. It is most expensive due to its rarity.

Traditional metaphysical Properties

It is believed that this rare stone enhances: 

· strength

· release of tension

· emotional balance

· happiness

· intelligence

· spirit rejuvenation

Blue Topaz ringBirthstone Characteristics and Symbolism

The gemstone symbolizes: 

· courage

· wisdom

· constancy

· loyalty

· faithfulness

· sincerity

· love and affection

· fidelity

Healing Properties

It is also effective for health complications relating to: 

· sanity

· Gout

· Asthma

· Blood disorder

· Tuberculosis

· Insomnia

· Spinal disorders

Topaz mineralInterestingly enough, Topaz is said to increase one’s appetite while also treating internal digestive organs.