The Tourmaline gemstone only made its mark in the industry in 1876 after George Kunz first sold the gem to the well-known Tiffany and Co. This stone got its name from the Sinhalese word ” Turmali ” which was given to all colored crystals found in Sri-Lanka. In fact, the similarity in appearance between the Ruby and the Tourmaline made it hard to determine which was which, so much so that for centuries the stones in the Russian Crown Jewels were considered to be Rubies.

TourmalineWhere did the Gemstone Myth Start:
As the fable in India is told, it starts with a Hindu Demon by the name of Vala. He went on a rampage and killed the God of Thunder, Indra, along with all the other Demi-Gods. The Gods that remained feared Vala and decided to trick him. They asked him to participate in a mock sacrifice. This allowed them to tie him up and to kill him. His body was chopped into pieces. His agreement to the initial sacrifice rendered his body pure, turning the parts that fell to earth into gemstones. One of these parts is the Tourmaline.

Folklore and Myth of the Tourmaline:
Many tribes believe that this stone comes in all the colors imaginable, because it walked side by side with a rainbow and gathered all its colors. Indian ceremonies made use of this stone to bring them inside and discovery of what they believed was good. It was also used as a tool in order to determine what the root of their problems was and where the root of the evil lies. Some still say that this gem is related to the philosopher’s stone.

Emotional Properties:

– The Blue stone is best known for its calming effect and its ability to relief stress. It is also referred to as the Guard Dog and Throat stone which will protect you against energy vampires.

– The Black rock protects you against bad vibes and destructive energies.

tourmaline jewelry– The Pink crystal indicates love and matters of the heart.

– The Red stone helps you to deal with challenging situations.

– The Green mineral enhances energy and evokes courage and strength.

– The Watermelon indicates joy.

– The Brown stone helps to bring hidden feelings to the surface.

A Guard Dog will protect its wearer against any physical, mental, spiritual and emotional danger. This stone will guide you although it can only protect you from two dangers at a time. It is believed that if there is danger nearby, the stone will absorb the negative energy and transmute it. Other Guard Dog stones receive the negative energy, reverse it and send it back to the original sender.

tourmaline mineralConclusion
In essence the Tourmaline represents kharma. What the owner of the stone gives out will be received, although it also acts as a strong power of protection. It is definitely not limited to these protective elements, but they are the cornerstones on which the stone’s history is built. For those born in October, this is a great companion in the form of a precious mineral that fell from the sky.