What are Birthstones?
Birthstones are rare, valuable stones connected with every month in the Gregorian calendar. Every birthstone is connected to a timetable month and has its own particular special properties.
The use of birthstones has been around for thousands of years as they are believed to posses powerful forces, with each birthstone becoming more powerful during the month that it is connected to. Customarily, they are believed to bring good luck to the wearer particularly if worn during the birth month. Most people usually buy a set of stones for all the twelve months and keep changing them each month. In the modern world, these precious stones are embedded on several types of jewelry including rings, earrings and pendants.

Gregorian calendarLearn more about Birthstone origins
Birthstones have been in existence since the ancient times. They date back to the old Biblical times , precisely 1250 BC when Moses made a breastplate for Aaron the High Priest, which contained 12 gemstones that represented the 12 tribes of Israel. Each stone had a name of one of the tribes inscribed on it, and the stones are believed to have been chipped from God’s throne, and possessed powerful forces that could protect the wearer. breastplate for Aaron the High Priest
The birthstones were traditionally connected to the 12 signs of the zodiac and although there are several translations and interpretations of the passage related to them in Exodus, most people believe that the stones usually have real influence on an individual’s life and can determine a person’s destiny.

The breastplate worn by Aaron got lost when the first temple was torched down, and a replacement made when the second temple was built during the 6th century AD. During this time the 12 stones were worn by the High Priest, a specific stone for each month and the stones were first associated with the 12 signs of the Zodiac by a Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus during the first century AD. The same stones were vividly described by John, in the book of Revelation as the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem. Later it became natural to associate the stones with the 12 apostles as well as the 12 signs of the zodiac by the early Christians.
Over the years, several attempts were made to standardize these stones but until today the effort has been futile due to the great variation between the stones and the months, particularly since astrological signs keep crossing month borders and different cultures and religions view the stones differently depending on their region and beliefs.

different birthstone mineralsHealing power of Birthstones
A few legends and myths exist about the therapeutic ability of birthstones and the healing powers that they possess. These powers are more heightened during certain months and in order to increase the efficiency of the stones, most people buy all the 12 stones and keep substituting them on a monthly basis or depending on the need at hand. Most healers and soothsayers also utilize the stones on a daily basis to heal patients from various illnesses, including digestive problems as well as poisoning. The stones can also be used to predict the fate of the sick, whether they are improving or not by checking on the colors of the stones which keep changing when keenly observed.

These healing properties are believed to emanate from the energy that the stones draw from the In the Biblical times, warriors and kings used to wear these stones on their breastplates when going to battle as a protective mechanism. The Egyptians too used to place them in the tombs as they believed that the stones would provide a doorway for the person to enter into eternal life after death. Each of the stones has its own unique benefits and curative ability for a specific set of ailments.

Birthstones and Zodiac StonesFascinating facts
Since the ancient times, there have been several amazing facts about birthstones that depict their origin, uses as well as the healing power. Some of the most fascinating facts include:
– Birthstones are also referred to as birthday stones.
– Long ago, the stones were believed to make the wearer brave and strong during work or battle. The stones are also believed to protect the wearer from lightning and fire.
– The current association of birthstones with the 12 months was established by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912.
– The Gregorian Calendar comes with poems that define each month in relation to the associated birthstone.
– Ancient people also associated the stones with magical properties.