The origin of the name is somewhat uncertain and many assume it comes from the Arabic word ‘zurkap’, which means vermillion. Others believe it has a Persian history with the name ‘zargun’ meaning golden stone. The Zircon is also called the younger brother of the diamond, because they look so much alike even though the Zircon isn’t as hard. Maybe that is why, not long ago, this crystal was sold in Sri-Lanka as the Matura Diamond.

ZirconModern Facts:
On the 24th of February 2014 a 4.4 billion year old Zircon stone was found in the Jack Hill Region of Australia. The best of the best scientists have studied this stone’s uranium and lead atoms. The uranium and the lead atoms fuse in a slow process after significant time and this can be used as a clock.

The Story Goes as Follow:
Back in ancient times, Zircon was also referred to as Jacinth or Hyacinth (plant). The tale tells a story about a legendary hero called Hyacinthus and according to the legend Apollo killed him, because his weakness was jealousy. He envied the hero’s beauty which was sealed in a red Zircon. Both Hyacinth and Apollo took turns to throw a discus and the god of beauty wanted to impress Apollo by catching it. Unfortunately he was struck by the discus and died. Some believe that the tale got twisted and that the god of wind, Zephyrus, was the responsible one for the accident.

Earlier Signs of Use:
It is believed that these stones were used as early as the 6th century in Italy and Greece. According to the Hindus and earlier text, this gem has been around even longer as it is mentioned to be one of the stones of the Kaplan (A tree). This tree is part of their religion and its leaves were green Zircon crystals.

Color and Mystical Properties:

zircon jewelryJargon – A bright, smoky or straw yellow stone, also called the Siamese crystal, can be used to attract love, sleep better, promote wisdom and increase sexual power. It is believed to work even better when set in gold.

Hyacinth – Comes in a ray of yellow and pink, transparent orange with red, brown with brown-red hues. The name comes from the word Hyacinthus, a Latin word that resembles the color of the flowers. You can use the stone as a spiritual guide during lucid dreaming or astral projection.

Malakon – A dark brown stone with radioactive inclusions best for grounding and centering purposes.

Yatsint – Orange-red crystal is the best tool to use for injury healing, pain relief and ear infections.

Starlit – A crystal artificially colored by the heating of brown stones can be used for mental sharpness.

The Blue crystal has been used since the middle ages and is still known to aid spiritual growth and promote wisdom. He who wears the stone will find peace and beauty. It is overall a wonderful, all round healing tool that provides tolerance, calmness, self-worth, inner peace and increases vitality along with reflecting all that is good in life.

Zircon mineralThis stone is also the December Birthstone but many prefer calling it the culture gemstone.